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Pickleball @ Conlon Hall

Pickleball at Conlon Hall

18 N Williams St 

Bergenfield NJ 07621


Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 7pm

Pickle Ball is Free for all Residents! 

Nets are set up and there are some paddles and balls but if you have your own paddle bring it.

For questions call Recreation Director Ed Volmer @ (201) 387-4055 option 6

Bergenfield Bocce

Bergenfield Bocce

Join us for a game of bocce at the picturesque bocce courts nestled in Veterans Memorial Park, Bergenfield, NJ, conveniently located on Old Bridge Road. Organized by the Bergenfield Recreation Department, our bocce sessions are held every Tuesday and Thursday, with afternoon play from 12:30 to 2:30 and evening play from 5:30 until dusk. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, bocce is easy to learn and promises hours of fun.

For your convenience, we provide a supply shed at the courts stocked with storage space, snacks, and water. Additionally, we host exciting tournaments with other bocce leagues, transforming these gatherings into enjoyable picnics. Come join us and experience the camaraderie and excitement of bocce at Veterans Memorial Park!



Summer Recreation Information and Download Forms

Application for Summer Recreation Children

Application for Summer Recreation Personnel 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about the Summer Recreation Program at Memorial Park

Q- What are the hours of operation?
A- The summer recreation program starts on the first Monday after school closes for the year and continues for six (6) weeks. It opens at 9:00AM and runs through 3:00PM, weather permitting. There is no recreation on July 4thA $50 per half-hour fee will be assessed for every late pick up.

Q- What happens if it rains?
A- If it is raining before 9AM, recreation will be closed. A decision will be made by 12 Noon to see if recreation can reopen for the afternoon. If it’s still raining (or the facilities are wet and unusable), recreation will be closed for the day. If it starts to rain (or thunder & lightning) during recreation, all children must be picked up from the park. Because there are no indoor facilities for the recreation program, the program will shut down during these situations.

Q- Must I register my child for the Recreation Program?
A- Yes. Upon completion of registration, each child will be assigned to group, by age, and to a counselor. It is imperative that child stay with his/her counselor and his/her group.

Q- Is there a registration fee?
A- Yes. The registration fee is $175.00 per child ($125.00 for each additional family member) for Bergenfield residents. This fee is payable upon registration and it covers the entire six week program, regardless of how many weeks or days your child(ren) attend the program. There are NO refunds. A $50 per half-hour fee will be assessed for every late pick up.

Q- What are the ages of the children in the program?
A- Ages 5 through 12. 
Q- Do I have to sign my child in/out of camp each day?
A- Yes. All Campers MUST be signed in when dropped off and MUST be signed out when picked up. If a child is not signed in they will not be allowed to stay. Sign in/out sheet will be house din the pavilion next to permission slips. 

Q- Where does my child meet his/her counselor each day?
A- Each group has a designated meeting place. Children are to meet their counselor(s) at this location. Likewise, children will be dismissed from this location also. To make the comparison to a school setting, this is their classroom and their counselor is their teacher.

Q- What do I do about lunch?
A- You may come and pick up your child(ren) for lunch at whatever time you arrange with them. Be sure to let your child’s counselor know that you are taking your child for lunch (or at any other time when your child is leaving the program early). Or, your child may bring his/her lunch to the program and eat at the park with his/her group and counselor. Be sure to put your child’s name on the bag (or lunch box). Do not pack perishable items.

Q- What should my child bring to recreation?
A- Children are encouraged to bring a snack with them each morning. In the afternoon, the ice cream truck stops by and it is not a bad idea to give your child some money for ice cream. If your child is going to play in the sprinklers, a change of clothes and a towel are important. DO NOT let your child bring to recreation any personal equipment- baseball cards, toys, sports equipment, iPods, CD players, etc. Things like this are very often lost and/or misplaced.

Q- Are the sprinklers going to be used?
A- Yes. The sprinklers will be open from about 12 Noon to 3:45PM. (or earlier if warranted), weather permitting.

Q- Are there field trips and other special programs/events?
A- Yes. All field trips and other special programs and events will be announced several days in advance. Permission slips are required for all field trips. Also, there is a cost involved with each trip, which will be stated on the permission slip.

Q- Is there a phone number for the Recreation Office?
A- Yes. For emergencies only, you can call (201) 387-4055, then option #9.