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Stormwater Management Information- Keep Our Waterways Clean

Please keep our waterways clean by doing your part to eliminate Nonpoint Source Pollution (People Pollution). Nonpoint Source Pollution results from the improper disposal of everyday products. Improperly discarded products eventually end up in our waterways where people drink and swim, and where wildlife lives. Some of these improperly disposed products enter into our sanitary sewer system and negatively affect the water treatment process.

Here are some recommendations to assist everyone in helping to protect our fragile environment:

  • Do not wash or service your vehicle in the driveway. The oils and vehicle sediments will flow into the street with the water runoff and find their way to the catch basins and eventually our waterways.
  • Securely place litter/trash into containers and not into the street.
  • Do not overuse and/or apply fertilizers before a rain event.
  • Pesticides are toxic to the environment and should be used and disposed of properly. Use natural alternatives when possible.
  • Dispose of toxic household products properly. Make use of the BCUA Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal Program. For more info in collection events go to www.bcua.org.
  • Properly dispose of Pet Waste.
  • Dispose of medications properly. Do not flush unused medication down the toilet.

For more information visit any or all of the following websites: