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Code Enforcement Bureau

Code Enforcement Officers: Todd Gelayder and Dennis Parente 
Code Clerk: ---
Phone: 201-387-4055 x4151
Fax: 201-385-7376

Municipal Building
Room 215
198 N. Washington Avenue
Bergenfield, NJ 07621


Monday -Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM

Tuesday and Thursday 5:30PM to 7:30PM

Deals with non-owner occupied single family homes and all two family home registration plus handling various complaints (illegal housing, cars parking on lawns, property maintenance etc.). You may call the office directly. You can download a complaint form or Housing Registration form from this website, fill them out, and return them to the Code Enforcement Bureau.

Please do not park any vehicle on the lawn.

You will be in direct violation of Bergenfield Borough Ordinance #186-49.V.

The parking of vehicles on lawns or non-driveway areas is expressly prohibited on residential lots.

You will be issued a summons by our Code Enforcement Officer, and a mandatory court date will follow.

As per Ordinance #186-49. T(l) Any resident wishing to widen, alter or construct a driveway must apply to the Building Department for a building permit. The building application must be submitted with a copy of a survey and a sketch, with details of the project and a list of the materials to be used.

Attention Home Owners!

If you own a two family dwelling or a non-owner occupied single family dwelling, you are required by law to register your property with the Borough of Bergenfield and be subject to inspection of the rental unit only.

The Governing body of Bergenfield had passed an ordinance in 2003 to require the annual registration and inspection of all residential non-owner occupied single family dwellings and all two family dwellings even if owner occupied. The Ordinance also requires the installation of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers in those units.

The fee for registration and inspection is to insure the safety of all persons living in the home. Registration forms are available in the Code Enforcement Bureau office in the Borough Hall, on this website or by calling 201-387-4055 ext. 4151.

Following are highlights of the ordinance, for complete information and any questions, please contact the Code Enforcement Bureau.

  1. Minimum annual registration fee is $ 50.00 per rental unit. The fee will be waived for Senior Citizens and Veterans who qualify. (For the Senior Citizen deduction it is not determined by age;alone but also income amount. To receive the deduction, as a Senior Citizen or Veteran, you had to apply to the Tax
  2. Annual registrations will be due no later than February 15th of each calendar year. Updated registrations will be required whenever a change in occupancy occurs during the annual registration period.
  3. Owners of subject structures must submit to annual inspections for compliance with the ordinance.  Additionally, owners must submit to an inspection whenever a change in occupancy occurs.
  4. Owners not in compliance with this ordinance will be subject to fines.

As a resident if you suspect a potential violation to this Ordinance, please contact the Code Enforcement Bureau. All information will be kept confidential.

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Illegal Housing

To date, a number of illegal apartments have been forced to reconvert back to their former uses. While there is no bounty paid for tips, there is still a financial benefit. Remember, the cost is a substantial amount which continues to rise each year to educate an illegal student in our school system to say nothing of the additional burden on all other Borough services. Tips are allowed to be anonymous so please do not hesitate to call.